More News and Insights on 09-25-2007

So now that the Canadian Dollar is at par with the American Greenback what does this hold for the Canadian economy? More specifically, will this affect the Canadian real estate industry? If so, how? These and many more questions will be tackled inthe featured articles listed below……

July 2007 saw Canadian building permits fall sharply.

U.S. housing slump hits realty jobs.

Saskatoon and Victoria prices hitting new record highs!

Scotiabank says Canadian home prices are not sustainable. Gee Whizz! Thanks for the update BnS!

RBC – not wanting BnS steal the “duh” spotlight – states that the cost of home ownership is continuing to rise.

Condo construction boosts housing starts AND Condo market is SLOWING! Make up your minds!!!!!

Feesboo’s (FSBO) keeping pace with Canadian real estate boom.

Phantom Bids in Toronto.

Opps! Average Canadian resale home price slips $6,600 in August.

Young and Eligible turns into Young and INeligible.

House Poor growing segment of population.

ONTARIO ELECTION – Property-Tax Reform.