Income Taxes, Realtors and RealCash!

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Over the past 15 years we have been able to play an important part in an agent’s real estate career. For business people and salespeople alike, cash flow is extremely important. Without adequate cash flow a business or career can come to an abrupt end. This is nothing new to you.

There are countless reasons why an Agent would need an advance on their earned commissions. Paying for car repairs, mortgages, and vacations are just a few of the expenses that come up. There is one expense that comes up every year at this time that many of us don’t look forward to!

Tax season! I used to look forward to it when I was in a low income bracket and used to get a hefty refund! These days, however, it seems I work for the government as much as I work for my 1 year old son!

For the Real Estate Professional, RealCash is here to help. Self employed individuals have until June 15th to file, however, any amounts owing must be paid by April 30th. Here’s how we can help: If you have to pay income taxes for last year’s income call RealCash today at 1.800.265.2694 or 1.416.444.7790. Instead of paying non-deductible interest to the government use a RealCash Advance. The costs are not only reasonable but are a fully deductible expense! The benefit to you? Your taxes are paid on time and with no penalty! Call us today!

Karim Kanji
Client Services
RealCash Bancorp Inc.