Income Taxes and Commission Advances

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Wow! February is over! What is it that “they” say about March? In like a lamb out like a lion. I wonder if this expression has anything to do with the weather? Or maybe the current real estate “boom”? Or could it be a sly reference to income tax season? I bet it has something to do with all three. Well enough of my rambling…

Last month I promised you that I would educate you on the benefits of commission advances for you and your business. Over the past few weeks we have been swamped with phone calls. I am also sure some of our competitors have received phone calls as well. Why? Because many questions and comments where about price. “Your rates are too high!” “How much is your Administration fees?” “Are there any more hidden costs?” Fair comments and questions. Here is what you need to ask your provider:
What is your daily rate?
What is your administration fee?
How much is your hold-back charge?
If all you ask is the rate then that is all they will provide you with. (By the way, RealCash Bancorp Inc. charges only a daily rate. In case you were wondering…) I hope this clears up any questions and concerns. Now on to some exciting stuff!

Income Tax! How can a commission advance help you pay your income tax?

The facts: Your tax bill is due and you need extra cash flow during that month to pay off this extra expense.

The solution: Call your commission advance provider and obtain an advance on a firm residential re-sale. You’ve already earned the money. Borrow it from yourself. The associated costs are tax deductible and you have extra cash flow to pay Mr. Harper. You now have 30, 60, 90 days (or even longer!) to replace that commission with another listing or sale. No hassles with the bank or credit companies. Now isn’t that simple?

For more information on this new tax tool please give me a call at 1.800.265.2694 or drop me a note at .

That’s all for now. I hope you’ve learned something new that can help you in your career and business. I hope to also receive any feedback and suggestions from you on how we can better serve our clients and potential customers. Keep an eye on your inbox every month this year on informative articles.

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