HomeLife National Conference

Dear HomeLife Salespersons/Brokers/Owners/Administrators,

Like the Chambers Brother once sung, “Time Has Come Today.” It’s once again time for the Annual HomeLife National Conference.

For RealCash, it’s back to the future. The 2003 Conference in Niagara Falls was our first HomeLife Conference. This was soon after we were approved to be an approved supplier for HomeLife. Ever since then I have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting and nice HomeLife members. Furthermore, you have given me and my company the opportunity to serve your needs.

With the continuing “boom” in our industry there have been a number of new players in our game. And new players always means more confusion. Confusion over who is better and why. Confusion over what makes one advance company better than the other. It’s the same questions you are asked by potential clients, “Why you and why HomeLife?”

Well, as always, my job is to help you navigate through the murky waters of commission advances. In Niagara Falls I will do my utmost to answer all your questions and even listen to any and all of your suggestions and comments. If you are attending the Thursday Broker meeting I will present a 10 minute synopsis of why RealCash is the best company for all of you for your salespeople’s commission advance needs. On Thursday and Friday I will also be at our RealCash booth. So please come and say hello.


Karim Kanji


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