Cornucopia of Real Estate…..Stuff!

A clash of styles. I’m talking about Toronto and Vancouver and the look of their condo projects. In Toronto the look is conservative. In Vancouver, the condos match the style and majesty of the Canadian Rockies. Until now! Vancouver is coming to Toronto! Read all about it HERE.

So…are you excited that the real estate market in Canada is booming? I’m sure that many of you have heard the “horror” eminating from the States. HERE is a very interesting one that has Super Bowl champion Tony Dungy’s name on it. I wonder if John Ferguson Jr reads this blog? Maybe he can learn something and trade some Maple Leaf condos for a Stanley Cup…..

Hey East Coasters! Still wanna move to the wild, wild west? Be prepared to spend 70% of your pre-tax income on a 2-storey home in Greater Vancouver. Read about this HERE.

I have already reported on this blog why the Canadian market continues to grow. Some other folks are just reporting on it. Guess they don’t read this blog. Well, they should! The public demands it! Ok. My rant is over….

And that’s all for now!

Karim Kanji