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top 9 social media tips for real estate – post 23-31 of 31

marketing in a social age is devoting 31 posts this month to social and digital media and the real estate industry.

Who would have thought banging out 31 posts in 31 days devoted specifically to social media and the real estate industry?  I sure didn’t.  And I guess I learned my lesson.  I’ve completed 22 of 31.  And today is the 31st.  That’s 9 short of 31 for those of you who are keeping score.

So, instead of writing out 9 potentially poor blog posts I thought I’d encapsulate my 9 top social media tips for those of you in the real estate industry.

  1. Blog.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, blogging should be an important part of your marketing strategy.  Your blog should be the space online where people can find out how much of an expert you are on  your industry and on your neighbourhood.  The ability of your blog to also help you in your search rankings should also not be ignored.
  2. Podcast.  Although podcasting has been around for a while it is still a tactic that is seldom used.  As with your blog, use the power of the spoken word to help craft your personal brand.
  3. Twitter.  Remember not to use this as just a push marketing medium.  Use Twitter to create a following and embrace the power of conversation.
  4. Video.  The amount of time people spend online watching videos continues to grow.  We watch videos not just on our desktop.  We also use our netbooks, iPads and smartphones to consume video.  Invest a bit into a Flip video camera and open up a YouTube account.  Just like blogging and podcasting, the ability to share your thoughts on video should also not be pushed aside.  Be creative and original and don’t worry about creating something that’s viral. Just be yourself.
  5. Facebook.  Whether its Places, the Marketplace, Fan Pages or Groups.  The person or brand who figures out how to properly use Facebook in the real estate industry will win.  You don’t have to be first.  You just have to try to see what does work.  There are over 500 million users here.  People are using Facebook more and more.  More so than even Google. So take the time and figure this beast out.
  6. Location-based marketing apps.  There’s Foursquare and Gowalla.  And there are others.  I’ve seen many real estate professionals use Foursquare as an online billboard.  Other realtors use Foursquare (my LBMA of choice by the way) to highlight interesting places around their neighbourhood.  I would suggest using it to show you know your neighbourhood and your expertise in real estate.  Just try your best not to be too pushy.
  7. QR codes.  This funny looking cousin of the barcode has been around longer than the term social media.  But many businesses (real estate included) are still not using them.  Here’s the thing:  More and more people are using smartphones.  And these same people also want information as fast as possible.  Here’s a simple idea:  Use a QR code on your business card and for sale signs to drive immediate traffic to your website and listings.  Now your business is truly open 24/7 even if you’re not.
  8. Attend or Organize a MeetUp.  The power of physically meeting potential partners, leads, and clients is powerful.  In my business, lots of relationships have been strengthened as a result of meeting face to face.
  9. Try.  Things in social media and even in real estate have the ability to change at a blink of an eye.  That being said be open to trying new things often.  Try a new app. Try the new social media site.  Try it. You just might like it!

Happy New Year everyone!  All the best in 2011.

youtube and real estate – post 6 of 31

marketing in a social age is devoting 31 posts this month to social and digital media and the real estate industry.

My last post on digital marketing and real estate was about podcasting.  This one will be about YouTube and how you could potentially use this tool to market your real estate business.


Before we continue, a reminder:  These 31 blog posts are not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Nor is each post a complete post.  Digital and social media marketing changes constantly so to write everything in one post would be impossible.  What these are meant to do is act as a catalyst for you to change or adapt the way you are marketing yourself and your business.


YouTube allows you to post videos and share these videos via comments, links, social media sharing and embedding the actual videos on your personal site or blog.  Here are two ways that videos can help promote you and your business.


The obvious one is content.  Create fun and compelling content.  You can film anything from an open house, your latest listing, neighbourhood news or anything you and your clients might find interesting.  George O’Neill and David Pylyp are two Toronto-based real estate agents who really understand how to take advantage of this medium.

Both of these agents post everything from neighbourhood landmarks, client testimonials, and even humourous videos asking for your business. Their videos are almost always short and informative.

Link Building

The other thing these two agents have in common is that they understand the concept of link building and the important role this plays in building traffic and potential clients.

One of the things you will notice is how both George and David refer the viewer back to their website.  The best case scenario is that a viewer has stumbled upon their YouTube videos and finds them interesting enough to visit their website and leave a note for George or David.  We would all love this!

Here’s the worst case scenario:  Google recognizes a link between YouTube (a popular site) and their personal blog (not as popular).  In turn, Google ranks George and David’s blog a little higher.  Amazing!  Why?  Now, when you search for real estate information using terms that George and David have capitalized on, you will find them!  Brilliant!

Want to understand link building more?  Click here.

Want to understand how to make simple, easy and effective videos?  Get yourself a camera such as a Flip Mino and press the little red button. It’s that simple.

31 for real estate – post 1 of 31

Why wait for New Year’s Eve to make a resolution.  Not that this is a resolution. But to make a decision like this one in one of the busiest months of the year can be considered insane.

All month long I am devoting this blog to sharing my thoughts on digital and social marketing.  My focus is going to be on the real estate industry: real estate agents, real estate companies, real estate service providers, and mortgage professionals are just some of the subjects that I will comment on.

How will I come up with 31?  With your help of course!

I do have almost a decade of experience in the real estate industry so I’m sure Ill have plenty of content.  However, if there are questions you have regarding real estate and how digital and social marketing are effecting this industry, please feel free to comment on this blog.

In the meantime, here is my first piece of advice:

1 of 31:

Don’t be afraid to learn.  I was recently at a real estate social marketing conference.  The one thing everyone had in common was fear of the unknown.

What was this thing they call social media?  Do we need to know how to twitter to survive in the new economy? I’ve been in business for 15 years so why do I need to learn all this new stuff now?

You need to learn because you want to learn.  You need to learn this new stuff so that you can relate to and serve your clients.  You need to learn so that you can continue to stay relevant and profitable.

Feel free to comment and ask questions below.

blackberry torch party

On Monday I was invited to the BlackBerry Torch release party.  Why?  I’m telling people that someone made a mistake and that there is another Karim Kanji out there who is mad at me.

This party was a perfect example of “pixels and people” coming together.

Amber MacArthur was there showing off various cool things you can do with the Torch’s new Social Feeds feature.  Research In Motion also had a big wig there thanking everyone for coming to support an iconic Canadian tech company.

There was also plenty of food and drink for everyone and music to burn the calories away.

There is a difference in how RIM and their major competitor, Apple, releases products.  Apple keeps everything a secret and invites all the Apple fanboys and techies to massive product announcements that resemble a Christian revival.

On the other hand, RIM throws a party and gets everyone feeling great.

One manages to generate worldwide buzz, while the other seems to generate more of a local buzz.  Both work.

The one you choose to employ with your client or company depends on the intended goal.

At the end of the night, myself and about 200 others walked away with a BlackBerry Torch.  I’m happy and still talking about it.

Although I will miss my Samsung Galaxy S.


Weeks that were

Did you miss me last week?  Or yesterday?  I know.  Not yet.  Soon.  Very soon.  Content is coming here.  And fast.

In any event, here are the last 2 weeks that were.


  1. You can find my most recent Techvibes contributions here.  However, here are a few you might find interesting or useful.  Maybe both.  And hopefully a little entertaining.
  2. Canadian company takes location-based apps to another level.
  3. Canadian Prime Minister Harper on YouTube.
  4. Want to get paid to blog and travel?  Yeah, me too.
  5. Do you pay too much on your cellphone bill?
  6. Last straw for WIND Mobile?
  7. Julie Tyios of the Toronto Transit Commission Customer Advisory Panel.


  1. Mitch Joel on the value of promotional products.
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And before you leave, please take off your caps, stand up as we sing the national anthem to celebrate the Paralympics in Vancouver:

Flip MinoHD

So I got a gift in the mail a little while ago.  A new Flip MinoHD.  Do I like it?  You betcha!  Below is my answer.  You can also check out my homemade videos on my own YouTube channel!   


Week in Review

Well, another busy week has ended.  Yet it began with a bang as I participated in my second PodCamp Toronto.  The great thing about it was that it was also my first time leading a discussion at an unconference
Here’s this week’s, Week in Review! 
  1. Digital book publisher Vook (you SHOULD check these guys out!) receives additional seed financing.
  2. Ottawa flexes it’s digital muscles.
  3. General Motors Crisis Communications – Case Study.
  4. Mark Evans on telling stories.
  5. ShesConnected – A social networking site for the ladies.
  6. In conversation with the Senior Partner of Bamboo.
  7. Rogers has a new plan for roamers.
  8. 5 Questions…with Crystal Gibson.
  9. Sprouter continues to sprout.
  10. Justin Kozuch on the Toronto Transit Commission.
  11. Mitch Joel.
  1. Finding your online pulse – Video with Mitch Joel.
I was also preesent this week at Third Tuesday Toronto which is a monthly meetup featuring some of today’s most thought provoking personalities in the marketing, public relations, technology and social media world’s.  At this meetup, Mitch Joel spoke and answered questions about branding.  You can find my videos of the Q&A at THIS link.
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Have a great weekend!