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He did get 8. Gold medals. In Beijing.

Yes. This is about Micheal Phelps. Well, not him but his most recent book, No Limits: The Will To Succeed.

It’s an interesting and entertaining read with alot of anecdotes focusing on 8 success principles (following the 8 Gold medal swims.).

There are alot of lessons that I gathered from this book. Most importantly, for me, was his determination and focus on preparing to win. Not just swim -but WIN. Reading about his training regimen and his lifestyle leading up to the past two Olympics made me think about my life and my pursuits.

Am I doing everything it takes to succeed? If I want to succeed to the levels I feel I deserve, am I willing to do “whatever it takes?”

Despite his recent extra-curricular activities I highly recommend this book for any young athlete or young entrepreneur.

2nd of 3 books.

I’m almost done my third book so let me tell you about the second.

The Janitor. Written by Todd Hopkins & Ray Hilbert, The Janitor is not your typical parable-style story. Or maybe it is. Here’s how I would describe it before I confuse myself…

The Janitor is a modern day parable outlining the simple steps necessary to both succeed and balance our family life and career. There you have it. In the style of Og Mandino, The Janitor introduces the reader to 6 simple steps that are taught by a janitor to the CEO of the company he cleans at.

If you want a great, simple read with lessons I recommend this book.

Have you ever read a short simple book? Did you enjoy it?

1st of 3 books

I’m close to finishing my third book of 2009. I was going to write a post telling you about all three. However, I did not want to forget the content on all of them so here’s the first of three mini-book reports.

Freakonomics was written by Levitt and Dubner. A great and simple read. Books like these make me wish that I continued to study math so I could pursue studying economics at York University. Alas, it was not meant to be. Some highlights from this book include an explanation on why drug dealers continue to live with mom and how your child’s name (or yours!) will determine their future. Levitt and Dubner don’t theorize about these things. They actually study the numbers and come up with insightful and entertaining statements. It’s a great book.

Whether you are an economics student or are just interested in the answer to the question, “Why?”, this is one book that is worth your time. I hope you enjoy.

Your Book?

What book did you just finish? Did you enjoy it? Look forward to hearing about your recommendations. Maybe I’ll read it!


Happy New Year!

So, have you made your resolutions? Promises? Objectives?

Call it what you may but we obviously want to improve or continue along our merry way this year. Outside of losing weight, making more money and getting more sleep, what do you want to achieve or do?

Here’s something to chew on (sorry dieters!). Read. And I’m not suggesting blogs, newspapers or magazines. Books. The good old fashioned book.


Two main reasons. Entertainment and personal growth. Reading is actually fun when done outside of work or school – trust me! And the knowledge we can get while doing so can help us tackle new problems or even see things in a new light. Studies have even shown that “bibliotherapy” actually works.

We can read at any time in any place! At night in bed, on the “royal throne”, on the TTC, at dinner time, during lunch, and even at your workplace.

No matter what you want to achieve this year let’s do a little bit more reading.

Need help figuring out what to read? Check this list out for those business minded or this list of most recommended books.

Happy reading!

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