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My favourite podcasts

I’ve written about podcast before on this site. Multiple times in fact. However, I feel the need to write another one for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, there are a few new podcasts I’m listening to that I want to tell you about. Secondly, everyone on my team at work doesn’t listen to podcasts! The horror!

Ready? Here we go!

Birds All Day. This is the most recent reincarnation of the old Drunk Jays Fans podcast. Starring Andrew Stoeten and Drew Fairservice, Birds All Day is a weekly podcast about Blue Jays baseball. I also happen to support this podcast through Patreon which enables content creators to monetize their work.

Birds All Day


WTF. WTF stands for What The Fuck. Hosted by comedian Marc Maron, WTF was recently voted the best podcast by Slate magazine. specifically his conversation with Louis C.K. WTF is filled with longer length conversations between Marc and guests from the world of music, comedy, and soon to be politics (as of this writing Marc is has just posted his interview with U.S. President Barak Obama).


Canadaland with Jesse Brown. Canadaland is another podcast that I support through Patreon. Jesse Brown’s podcast and accompanying website is dedicated to shining an uncomfortable spotlight on Canada’s media industry. If you haven’t heard of Canadaland you’ve most likely heard of one of the biggest stories that broke in recent Canadian media history: The Jian Ghomeshi story. Yup. It is because of Jesse Brown’s investigative journalism that we now know of many issues that Canada’s mainstream media refuse to cover or even acknowledge.

canadaland show with jesse brown

Toronto Mike’d. Hosted by Mike Boon of the Toronto Mike website, Toronto Mike’d started as one man’s look at Toronto from the west side of the city. Today, this podcast is a must listen to show for everyone and anyone interested in Toronto sports and Toronto radio. Here’s a list of some of the more recent guests: Roger Ashby, Matt Galloway, Steve Anthony, Roz Weston, and James Mirtle.

toornto mike'd | karim kanji

Here are some of my other favourite (current and past) podcasts.

Oh yeah! I also have my own podcast. It’s called Welcome! You can find it here. And soon it will be up on Girth Radio.

Welcome! Girth Radio | Karim Kanji

Welcome! Episode #5: Andrew Jenkins

Published on: June 12, 2015

On this episode #5 of Welcome, I spoke with social media sales professional Andrew Jenkins.

During this episode we chat about:

  • The time Andrew worked with Mickey Rooney and also made a phone sex documentary called Telewhore.
  • The time Andrew worked for a menswear company selling clothes online. e-commerce – 1995
  • How Andrew discovered e-commerce and helped to create online catalogues for retailers in USA.
  • Why Andrew went to Rotman to complete his Executive MBA
  • The time Andrew worked as head of social at RBC
  • Why Andrew spends time teaching at OCAD as well as digital strategy at UofT.

You can visit the episode page on the Welcome! Girth Radio page. Or listen below!


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Welcome! – Episode #5 – Andrew Jenkins by Welcome! By Karim Kanji on Mixcloud

Welcome! Episode #4: Kerry Morrison

Just finished taping episode #4 of Welcome! with @kmore. #podcast #Toronto #GirthRadio #PJH

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Last week saw Kerry Morrison, of endloop, visit the Welcome! studios at Girth Radio.

Kerry was born in the Yukon, grew up mostly in Edmonton and moved to Vancouver in 1994. Most recently he’s lived in Italy ( Rome & Florence), Mexico and Montreal. Today, Kerry calls Toronto home.

During this episode we chat about:

    • Growing up in the Yukon and Edmonton.
    • His dad buying a Macintosh and then falling in love with technology.
    • The importance of traveling.
    • Why make the move from Vancouver to Toronto?
    • Why Kerry identifies as an Apple fan
    • And why Father John Misty is his favourite musical artist

Girth Radio
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Featuring music by:
The New Pornographers – Moves
Father John Misty – Chateau Lobby #4

Welcome! Episode #3: Laurie Dillon Schalk

My latest guest on the Welcome! podcast is Laurie Dillon-Schalk of Evidently.

A lover of digital and coffee.  Asker of good questions.  Sleuth of business problems. Identifier of emerging trends, consumer insights, impacts of digital upon consumer behaviours. Laurie Dillon Schalk is my guest in the Welcome! studio.

In this episode, Laurie and I chat about:

  1. How she earned her MBA.
  2. Her amazing 7 years at IBM
  3. What she did at Great Gulf Homes
  4. How Laurie started Social Wisdom in 2009 during the height of the last great recession
  5. How she landed the job at WestJet as Director of Digital Strategy
  6. Her time at JWT as Director of Digital Strategy
  7. Working with the iconic OREO brand at FCB Global in Toronto
  8. And finally ending up at Evidently where Laurie is currently the Head of Planning
  9. We also chatted about the future of the traditional agency model
  10. Traditional media’s relationship with Facebook
  11. Why Laurie changed her name on Facebook
  12. Her thoughts on gender issues in the workplace
  13.  And, finally, what her FAVOURITE song is!


Listen below:

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Introduction Music by my cousin Afraaz Mulji

Welcome! Episode #2: Mark Farmer

Mark Farmer is a pioneer in digital strategy, a prognosticator & expert rapini chef.

Mark has worked in digital and social media since graduating school from Canada’s East Coast. He has worked for companies such as  Earth Day Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum, Intuit Canada and now York University. We also both teach in the social media marketing certificate program at George Brown college in Toronto.

Listen to this interview with one of Canada’s most revered digital professionals as we talk about trends – both past and current. We also touch on the political debate surrounding and environmentalism.

You can listen to the show here:


Girth Radio
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You can also subscribe to the podcast via RSS Feed if you’re so inclined.

Or you can also listen to the show on my Welcome! show page on Girth Radio.


Welcome! Episode 1: Karim Awad

Don’t call it a comeback. Ok. You can call it a comeback. Back in 2010 I started a podcast called SMS on Perpetual Radio Networks. The show was mostly about social media and featured guests such as Mitch Joel and Dave Fleet.

Earlier this year I came to an agreement with Girth Radio to launch a new show on their burgeoning radio station. I’m calling the show Welcome!

Welcome! is going to be a show featuring many of Toronto’s (and anyone who visits Toronto) innovative and creative people. Expect to hear conversations with digital strategists, musicians, entrepreneurs, city builders, artists and many more.

As I re-learn my hosting and interviewing skills and learn new production skills I am inviting a number of my friends on the program. My first guest was Karim Awad.

Karim is an entrepreneur, designer, teacher, artist and award winning deejay. He’s up to some amazing things. Some he was able to reveal on the show. Others you’ll have to watch out for.

Here’s a link to the first episode of Welcome! I hope you listen and enjoy. And return for more.


Girth Radio
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You can also subscribe to the podcast via RSS Feed if you’re so inclined.

Best Baseball Podcasts

A friend of mine was bemoaning the state of sports radio in Toronto when I suggested that he look at podcasts as his source of sports talk “radio”. He’s a hockey and baseball fan. I can’t help with hockey because I’m only a fan every 4 years (hello Olympics!). So here are my favourite baseball podcasts:

And there are only two worth your time. And they are both brought to you by the same folks who brought to you the best damn sports mobile app of all time: The Score.

Drunk Jays Fans

Otherwise known as DJF, this podcast and blog provides everything a Toronto Blue Jays fan could ask for. The writers of the blog also provide everything you don’t want to hear such as why the Jays suck this year. Answer: Too many crap players. Writers Andrew StoetenDustin ParkesDrew Fairservice, and Scott Lewis provide amazing analysis that most writers and sportscasters ignore because of timelines, word count or just plain ignorance about the sport of baseball.

The DJF podcast is just as delightful. However, be careful. The content is NSFW so wear a headset if you listen to it at work or at home around kids. One thing you will notice is two things: Firstly, the crew are not shills for the team or ownership. Which means they tell it like it is. Secondly, they always provide insightful analysis no matter the colour of their language. So it’s both entertaining and educational.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.35.38 AM

Getting Blanked

My favourite part of this baseball blog is the My Approach series by Drew Fairservice. If this is all the baseball you read then you will be 1000 times smarter than anyone else you listen to in Toronto sports radio – never mind your baseball drinking buddies. Drew has interviewed a dozen or so of the top baseball stars of today asking them about their approach to the game. He sometimes interjects the interview with thoughtful analysis backed up by stats and videos. You will be hard pressed to find better baseball writing anywhere else.

The Getting Blanked podcast is the best baseball podcast around. These guys know their baseball and can talk about it just as well as they can write about it. Expect analysis of breakout players, Mike Trout, the most underrated players, Mike Trout, thoughts on stats and moneyball and even everyone’s favourite player, Mike Trout. Oh, expect to hear the boys trashing Toronto’s baseball beat writers and radio hosts for being lazy…and stuff. If you want to be a well rounded and knowledgeable baseball fan, then the podcast and the blog are a must. And the bumper music they play is outstanding too!

What podcasts do you listen to?

I’m in the need for some new and inspiring podcasts to listen to. I’m a Blue Jays and MMA fan.  I’m also an entrepreneur and a social marketer. So the podcasts reflect this.

Here is what I currently listen to:

Drunk Jays Fans – brought to you by the guys from The Score’s mosts popular blog on your Toronto Blue Jays.

ESPN UFC Podcast – from across the pond in England. This is one of the most unbaised podcasts on MMA around.

Freakonomics Radio – from the blog and book of the same name.

Humble and Fred Radio – because sometimes I need to relax and just have some unadulterated fun.

Q: The Podcast – Jian Ghomeshi is the best interview today.

The Ricky Gervais Podcast – Gervais is not actively podcasting these days. But when he does, it’s golden.

Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel’s weekly conversations are very enlightening. And the monthly Media Hacks is entertaining and informative.

Spark – Nora Young helps us understand how our lives are being transformed by technology.

This American Life – Some of the best stories of people and their lives from south of the 49th.

This Week in Startups – Jason Calicanis is entertaining and his interviews and weekly news roundups are a must listen for all entrepreneurs in the tech space.

Under The Influence – Terry O’Reilly uses his unique story-telling style to bring today’s marketing and advertising trends to Canadians.

Wiretap – One of the best shows by CBC.  Jonathan Goldstein’s unique brand of humour and his band of characters always brings a smile to my face every week.

What’s your favourite podcasts? And why? Please share. Thanks!

New podcast in my ears

Many of you know I love listening to podcasts. Almost everyday I’m commuting 2-3 hours per day. So I spend most of this time listening to podcasts such as This American Life, Wiretap, This Week in Startups, and even the UFC ESPN Podcast.

Last week I discovered another podcast: Humble and Fred Radio.  I wasn’t a big listener of theirs when they where on the radio here in Toronto. However, these guys are gold. They are funny and raw. Besides their random musings they also have amazing interviews. Recently they had Toronto Blue Jays long time announcer Jerry Howarth on.  This was one of the best interviews I have ever heard.

Great job guys! And congrats on your new deal with Corus.

What podcasts do you consider required listening and why?