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Viral Campaign

If you do a lot of things that are great, people will find it and it will go viral. – Mitch Joel
We’re all looking for it.  We want it.  We might not tell our friends about it for fear of being branded as vain.  But is haunts us so.  In fact, it’s a main reason many people have a personal blog, website or even tweet.  People want that feeling of importance.  “My opinion matters to me and I want you to hear it!”
Even companies crave the attention.  It feeds their bottom line.  And it feeds their employees as well.
Whatever it is called we want it to do one thing:  Go Viral.
How do we do it?


Do you know someone who is doing great things?  If you do, tell us their story.  Please.

The Blogging Continues

Back in December I told you all about my new gig at Techvibes.  I hope some of you have visited me over there and are enjoying some of the people, places, and companies I have been highlighting there.  It’s been really fun meeting some of Toronto’s coolest, hippest and socially progressive tech entrepreneurs.

Today, I have some more blogging news. 

You can now also find me at

The Fadoo website is a Canadian website dedicated to bringing Canadians “a platform for dialogue and comment among people of power and influence in the sports world. And then, let everyone in on the conversation.”

What you’re going to get from me is what no one else in Toronto will be able to provide.  I’ll have the inside look into sports and social media and technology.  So if that interests you then stay tuned (and please comment.  I LOVE comments!).  And if it doesn’t interest you let me know, what you would like to see.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Olympics!

Blogging as fast as I can

I have to admit it.  I stole the title from a presentation I saw this past Monday.  But I guess it’s appropriate for the subject of this blog.

I’ve embarked on a new journey.  I’m not sure exactly where I will end up but I do know that it will be exciting.  Before I spill the beans let me give you a little bit of a professional update.

Presently, I work for a cool little start-up in Toronto called RealCash Bancorp Inc.  They are a leading financial solutions provider for real estate agents in Canada.  I am tasked with spreading good karma about the company all over the country.  I also work with a good friend of mine at Rogers Centre shaking hands and kissing babies.  I also spend some time helping out a couple of social enterprises.  One is now a charity called Toronto Green Community.  The other is a group I co-founded called GREENtuity.

And because I’m not busy (tongue in cheek) I’ve recently picked up a gig with an online publication called Techvibes.  They provide hyper-local tech coverage in Canada.  I am now one of their Toronto Community Managers.  So I’ll be blogging (as fast as I can) about the people, places, events, and companies that make up the Toronto tech and social media scene.

I hope you’ll take the time to visit the site and especially read my posts.  I think you will find them interesting.  I’m still searching for my “tech” voice.  A good friend suggested I just look for my voice and not to worry too much if it’s techie or not.  Let’s see which one comes up in 2010….

Your visits and comments both here and on Techvibes will go a long way in helping me along my present and future journey.

Thanks for reading and following me. 

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Your Call

I enjoy writing about the books that I read. I enjoy telling you about cool and interesting things that I come across.

However, I also understand that it’s also not always about me.

So, I’m going out on a limb here. (It’s a limb because I have not a clue how many people read this blog and would want to comment)

What would you like me to write or talk about? The choice is yours.

There are a few “rules of engagement”: Rational, reasonable and tasteful suggestions please.

Here’s what I will do in return: I will write about the suggestions you provide. If there are any really interesting one’s I may even choose yours as a theme to write about on a regular basis.

What would you like me to write about?

If you want something done, Do It Myself

I know what you’re thinking.

This post has nothing to do about fasting, New York or Elections. Duh. I know.

However, I came across a blog I just could not resist letting all of you know about. (If you already know of it, shame on you for not letting all of us know!)

Glenda Watson Hyatt’s is INSPIRational to say the least.

Please visit her. I hope you enjoy!

Are there any blogs or websites YOU find inspirational? Let us know by commenting on the original post. Thanks.