Buildings go up and prices come down.

What do they say about tall buildings? The bigger they are the harder they fall? And why is it that they seem to be getting taller? Some people say that tall buildings are an eyesore. Others say urban intensification is a good thing. Anyways, here are some stories to get you through the day. Or maybe just lunch…

Canada’s tallest condo.

Competition and Real Estate. Is there really a problem? Or are Realtors just getting nervous and jealous?

Canadian Real Estate Association under investigation.

Hey investors! Wanna know where the next GTA boom is gonna be? Me too! But read this article. It may hold your future fortunes!

MP’s,, and the Environment. Very interesting and timely article. A MUST READ!!!

And finally a story about the U.S. Housing Market. For the first time in 6 years U.S. house prices have declined. Now, here in Canada, who really cares? And should we? So what if prices devline in the States! How does it affect the prices here in Canada. Hey, I’m just asking the questions! YOU provide the answers! Anyways, here’s a Toronto Star article you can read.