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Press Release on REM – December Issue!

SO? How did you get here? Web Search? Direct Link from our Website? Or maybe you saw the press release in the December 2006 edition of REM Magazine? Leave your comment on this blog.

And while you are at it, tell me why you would use a commission advance service.

Will yesterdays vote affect real estate here in Canada? With the House of Commons voting to recognize Quebekers as a nation…what the heck does it really mean? And how, if at all, will it affect the real estate market? Leave your comments.

Here are some interesting articles I came across today regarding your favourite topic:

Prefab Rooftop Addition May Inspire Canadian Intensification.

Don’t Forget to Thank your Clients.

Royal LePage loves Boomers!

Urban Land Institute confirms that Boomers creating new trend in development.

News from Around the World of Real Estate and More!

Only a week left! Remember that RealCash will be hosting a CMHC course (see post below) on Thursday, November 30th at 9:30am. This will be our second such sponsored event. We have also decided it will be something that we offer on a more regular basis to our clients and referral sources. Call me know at 416.444.7790to register! Or email me now at . See you there!

Now, on with the news!

Century 21 Canada insists that there will not be a Housing Market Crash in the Canada! So with still “high” housing costs its no wonder that us Canadians are spending more on housing than ever before. So, might as well borrow funds then right? Well, according to the Globe and Mail the Pace of Borrowing is Expected to stay HOT HOT HOT!

Before I forget, a happy birthday to my brother Aneez who presently resides in Basingstoke, England! Happy Birthday Brother!!!

Finally! A real estate agent who is going the extra mile in helping New Homebuyers kick the latte habit and afford a new home! Good for you Sally!

Will Baby Boomers ever stop? There they go again! Fueling the Housing Boom – Again! And as a result, One in every Seven Canadians are stuggling to pay for a roof over their heads. Unreal!

Well, that’s all for now! Have a great weekend!

P.S. Happy Anniversary honey!


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Seriously…Buy or Rent?

Okay folks, the eternal question still burns in my mind. Should I buy now or should I continue to rent? Or, why should somebody buy or rent their place of residence? Think about it. There are actually valid arguments to be made on both sides of this debate.

Ownership. Why pay someone else’s mortgage when you could pay your own mortgage and also create equity. Renters would argue that bad credit, high housing prices, etc., make it nearly impossible to realize the dream of home ownership. My whole philosophy was that if I rent I never have to worry about maintenance of the home. Landlord takes care of that. I could never understand why people would “live for the weekend” only to spend their time and money on repaving the driveway?! I bet you renters have better weekends than that.

Anyways, there are a million reasons on both sides of this debate. What are some of yours?

Final thoughts: My cousin was recently telling me that over the past 7 years he only paid $3000 in mortgage interest on his house in Ottawa. Well, I just found out that after 25 years at a bargain rate he will pay $250,000 more for a home he purchased for…..$250,000. A half a million dollar home? I don’t think so……


Boom or Bust? And For Who?

Some experts and pundits of all things real estate have suggested 2 very different views of the near future. Many (and they always seem to be employed by banks or real estate companies) say that there will not be a housing bust but rather a softening of the market. They should be in politics, no? And everyone else who has an opinion says there will be a major bust and we can see housing prices tumble significantly (remember the early 1990’s?) while interest rates continue to rise.

Who the heck are we suppossed to believe? If you are looking to me for answers, you are barking up the wrong tree. I’m just here to give you information. You gotta think for yourselves.

In any case, here are some interesting articles for you to mull over….

TD Suggests Bust Has Been Missed?

Still Growing But Veeeeeeeeeeery Slow.

Highest Mortgage Debt Ever…$800 Billion!!

Your Real Estate News for November 8th 2006

Here is a very interesting article on virtual tours:

Please click on the link to read the full article.iseemedia and RealBiz360 introduce the world’s first shoot and stitch “in-camera” panorama and Virtual Tour solution with new Kodak EasyShare V-Series Digital CamerasSource: Canada NewsWire (November 8, 2006 – 9:00 AM EST)

Multiple Starts Edge Higher!

Extendicare Inc. to go ahead with real estate trust conversion despite new tax treatment:

Halifax real estate firm eyes trust conversion

Realtors, Tim Hortons and Canadian Troops:

Real Estate News compiled by RealCash

The Fourth Quarter 2006 edition of CMHC’s Housing Market Outlook Canada is now available and can be accessed by clicking on the link below. (You will be prompted to enter a user id and password so make sure you register!)

One of my favourite sources of information for Canadian Real Estate News is REM Magazine. To view their online version click HERE.

And not to be biased, but THIS site is pretty good as well! 🙂

Garth Turner, Independent MP for Halton has a NEWSday service whcih usually has an article or two related to real estate and all things bricks and motar. You can visit him at:

If you know of any other websites that you feel are relevant to your business, let me know. You can reach me at

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