Another sampling of wacky real estate news!

Buffalo. The city of could have beens. Now, I’m not slamming the city that made buffalo wings and weekend shopping trips popular. Buffalo could have been Toronto. And in more ways than won. Or should I say one.

So, here’s the deal. Buffalo has an NFL team. Toronto doesn’t. Buffalo has a talented hockey team that bounced back from bankruptcy. Toronto has a crappy hockey team that just raised it’s ticket prices AGAIN after another season without post-season play. Buffalo has a town called Tonawanda. Toronto has Scarborough. You get the picture?

What about the real estate side of this story you may ask. Toronto has a booming, and I mean booming, real estate market. Buffalo has…well, read THIS ARTICLE to finish the sentence.

OK, OK, OK!!! Keep this on in your diary! Has anyone ever seen, in the past 5 years, articles on the real estate BUST? I have. And I’m sure, you have too. So, here’s the latest out of Vancouver. Let’s see if it’s true or not after a few months, or years….

I think the people in the States are getting jealous! Here’s a reply I just saw: (original article to follow):

renter guy said:
Keep in mind that the $700 a day increase is in Canadian paper money, which converts to exactly 0 actual US Dollars until the place sells. Good luck Mr. Edmonton condo owner…

And what was “renter guy” referring to? READ HERE.

And finally, some sad news from the reality bites section: Sam the Record Man is closing. Just ‘google’ this to read the news. The real estate story behind this? I’m not too sure. Will the spinning records above Yonge and Dundas still hypnotize passers-by? Or will some big-box foreign company take over and lead us into Hades? In any case, if you need some downtown real estate, I just might know of a place……..

Well, that’s all for now! Until next time….