A Real Estate Jerk

I’ll tell you his name in a second. But let me start from the beginning.

I work with a company called RealCash Bancorp Inc. RealCash provides commission advances for Realtors. What this means is that we advance earned but unrealized commissions to Realtors so that they can continue to invest in their business or use the funds for personal use.

My role with RealCash is marketing. In my daily duties I may phone a dozen or so offices to secure appointments. I understand that not everyone needs our services. But to many, the ability to leverage their earnings is valuable to them.

Anyhow, today I called an office called Century 21 Camdec. They are located in Toronto, Ontario. I was told to speak with a guy named Rupert. On paper he is not the broker of record. His wife Camille is. He asked the normal question of how much we charge. I told him and then he starts to rip into me. He doesn;t tell me he’ll never use or promote me. That’s no big deal. I understand this is not for everyone. What he does is inexcusable.

He calls me a “fucking parasite”, “fucking asshole”, etc, etc…

I tried calling him back asking him to apologize but to no avail. He continued to tear into me.

Why am I telling all of you this? Because I don’t know who he is; I don’t think he’ll apologize; and I think anyone out there who knows him should let him know to grow up and take ESL classes.


Karim Kanji