A Plethora (nice word, eh?) of Real Estate Articles!

A freind of many, Kenneth Robert McClenaghan, passed away in his sleep after complications relating to lung surgery. May his soul rest ineternal peace. Our condolences go out to his family and freinds.

Realtors in Toronto line-up. For a concert? No, for condos that will be ready in 2010…at the earliest! You’re kidding me!?!?

An EXCELLENT article on the line-ups mentioned above!

Many of you have already heard about the MONROE HOUSE selling for $600K over asking price but I thought if you haven’t its good to know. (Phew! Thank God I passed English in high school!) You mean that ugly house below? Geez!

I read the following article a couple weeks back and am excited to share it with you. It’s an interesting tale of the current bidding wars in Toronto. After reading this article I thought to myself, “Thank God!” Wanna see the house they eventually purchased? Look below and shake your head.