A Cornucopia of Real Estate News!

Ex-Pats in Calgary and Edmonton may be heading home soon…if they are benefactors of the recent oil and real estate boom. Read HERE for this story.

And you thought Tonawanda was only good for fires, eh? Well, now they may become famous for ‘Virgins’. Property Virgins! Get your mind outta the gutter and take a look HERE for more on this…

Now this is a story that should be getting more press. More traditional and even more non-traditional press. It seems that many people have been taking advantage of the real estate boom out west. Edmontan and Calgary have seen record house prices and things don’t seem to be slowing down. Now, for me, I’m all for free enterprise and all that good stuff. But the following story sickens me. In Alberta, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of our military servicemen and women living there. For many of these people affordable housing is a major, major issue. Kudos to Andrew Hanon of the Edmonton Sun for his thought provoking article. Please READ HERE and pass it around to everyone you know. Our Provincial and Federal Governments MUST do something about this! NOW!

Okay, I’m better…..

Hey Scotiabank! You’re late! This is not a fashion show where it is fashionable to be late! Banjamin Tal already told us the housing market will not crash but will probably slow down. In any case, here’s your B(N)S report.

It seems that Toronto is still the center of the universe…at least when it comes to real estate investing. Hey! It’s not my words! READ HERE.

And finally….an interesting piece by Ken from Re/Max Hallmark. Interesting artcile from a thought provoking blog.